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Product Description

Brand: Comforthr

Color: Black


  • MULTIPURPOSE AND COMFORTABLE: Use this premium ergonomic foot rest as a gaming foot rest, computer foot rest, foot prop for office desk. Flip it over and the feet rest becomes a rocking foot rest . Way cozier than your desk's frame. Perfect as office supplies!
  • SPINAL SUPPORT HELPS REDUCE PAIN: This feet rest for under desk has a firm and hard sponge core. The firmness of the foot rest desk provides support to ease fatigue, stress, and lower back pain. Ideal as breast feeding foot stool or nursing footstool.
  • IMPROVE YOUR CONCENTRATION: Perfect as home office foot rest. This posture foot rest is almost 4" tall to provide just the right height to help you concentrate on your work, book, or TV show. Ergonomic tilt seat cushion for office chair. The anti-slip bottom won't move around. Ideal for computer desk too!
  • LUXURIOUS YET LOW MAINTENANCE: Great as an elevate legs foot rest. The removable cover of this ergonomic under desk foot rest is soft luxurious velvet. The desk stool for feet is easy to wash or transport to provide comfort on the go.
  • WE'RE LISTENING TO YOU: We take pride in this ergonomic footrest under desk and desk step stool. But if anything's wrong with your office desk foot rester, we'd like to know so we can make it right. We're listening.

Details: 👣 AN ADAPTABLE, COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC FOOT STOOL FOR UNDER DESK AT WORK 👣 Did you know that up to 20% of people in the United States suffer from lower back pain (according to the Journal of American Medical Association)? If you're one of them, it's possible you're feeling pain because of dangling feet, poor feet posture, or feet that stay still for hours. Blood pools in lower limbs. The result is added stress and strain on local muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This leads to nerve compression, which leads to back pain. In short - use a foot stand under desk to improve foot posture, and help alleviate your back pain! There are so many reasons to love this foot rest cushion: ✔️ It's 17" long, 11.3" tall, and almost 4" above the ground. That's the perfect height to keep your footsies from getting too tired. Great as a slanted compact foot rest. ✔️ The firm sponge core keeps your feet steady, yet is still comfortable enough to cushion your feet and provide support ✔️ The velvet cover is removable, can be washed and has a non abrasive zipper; bring this under the desk foot rest when you travel for the airplane! ✔️ The desk rest also works wonderfully as a foam foot rest for under your knees in bed, or while watching television ✔️ The anti-slip bottom means your footrests for desks won't be moving around under there. Concentrate on your work, not the pillow! ✔️ Turn the cylindrical foot rest for computer desk on its round side, and you have a computer footrest that encourages circulation Ironically, sitting all day isn't good for you. Your office stools can tire you out and result in leg pain, bad circulation, and lumbar pain. A computer foot rest under desk is the solution. Keep the flat side down and cradle your feet with a soft cushion. Or turn it on its rounded end, and rock it back and forth to boost circulation. Concentrate on your work - not your lumbar pain!

Package Dimensions: 16.9 x 11.0 x 3.9 inches

Binding: Office Product