Bymore 30000 Clear Water Gel Jelly Beads Vase Filler Beads,Vase Fillers for Floating Pearls, Floating Candle Making, Wedding Centerpiece, Floral Arrangement (Transparent)
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Product Description

Brand: Bymore

Color: Transparent


  • You will receive 30000 small gel beads about the size of 1.5-2mm and it will grow in water to 10x that of original size so about 9-11mm after 2-24 hours.
  • Made of super absorbent cross-linked polymer.
  • The beads are super soft and transparent. It will make you ornament beautiful and will not scratching your flower vase and other container,perfect for wedding centerpieces.
  • Wide Application:They are popular to use in centerpieces for weddings , parties,foot massage ,vase filler,and children toy.
  • Note:Caution not for human ingestion, and be careful around children do not let them eat any.

Details: How To Make Growing Beads: Growing beads usually come completely dry. Be careful with them in the package because they will roll all over the place if they get loose. Then You put them in water for several hours (about 0.5-8 hours) to let them expand. The more water you add, the more they will grow until they reach their size limit . For larger beads, wait the full 8 hours. When they have absorbed the water, they will feel like squishy gel and will look like a translucent ball. How To Use Growing Beads: For Floating Pearls: Need Vase large enough to add your adding floating pearls, candles, flowers, etc. Add water gel beads to bottom of vase, add your pearls, gems, flowers, etc. Add water and fill till you can't see the gel beads. Add floating candles. For Plants: Remove any soil from your plant and place it in the container of your choice. Add enough water to cover the plant's roots, then fill the remainder of the container as desired with beads. For Cut Flowers: Add water until there is a base of approximately 1"" on the bottom of the vase. Diagonally cut at least 1/2"" off of the flower stems, then place them in the water. Fill the remainder of the vase with water Gel beads. For Silk Flowers: Wrap the silk flower stem(s) in wax paper or plastic wrap before placing in the vase. Add beads to the vase until the desired height is achieved.

EAN: 0644925651758

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.8 x 0.7 inches

Binding: Office Product