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Bomberman Generation

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Product Description

Brand: Majesco


  • Bomberman makes his explosive debut on Nintendo GameCube! Mujoe and his gang are up to their old tricks. This time, they're after the Bomb Elements - powerful crystals that will give them the means to rule the universe.

Details: Product Description Bomberman returns, exploring 6 new realms, bombing enemies and obstacles in his path and racing to uncover the evil Hige Hige Bandits Bomb Elements. In each realm, Bomberman finds new challenges that must be solved in sequence if he is to escape to the next level and find the Hige Hige's secrets. But along the way, Bomberman encounters friendly new creatures, which are sure to add to his bomber-battling powers. From the Manufacturer Bomberman makes his explosive debut on GameCube. Guide him through five massive, colorful 3-D worlds, each with 16 areas. Use all-new 3-D power bombs to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. Bomberman Generation also features classic Bomberman 2-D multiplayer modes.

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 4.8 x 0.3 inches

Binding: Video Game