BelOMO 10x Triplet. Jewelers Loupe Magnifier 21mm (.85"). Optical Glass with Anti-Reflection Coating for a Bright, Clear and Color Correct View. Foldable Loupe for Gems, Jewelry, Coins and Trichomes
$55.49 $74.99
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Product Description

Brand: BelOMO

Color: Original Version


  • 10x Magnification Power - classic 3 lenses schema with the most useful magnification
  • Large 21mm(0.85'') Achromatic Triplet Lens Gathers Light for a Bright, Clear and Color Correct View
  • Large 0.65'' (17mm) Viewing Area - convenient in use for any subjects
  • Optical Quality Glass Lenses, each BelOMO loupe is certified just like a camera lens.
  • Great for rocks, minerals, jewelery, coins, stamps, part inspection and other intents and purposes

Details: The BelOMO 10x21mm(0.85'') Triplet Jewelers Loupe Magnifier , much larger than the Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplet Magnifier Jewelers loupe, and has a viewing area of 0.65" (17mm). The large 21mm (.85") 3 elements lens making up this achromatic triplet gathers lots of light to provide a bright, clear, and color correct view. The 10x power magnification of Jewelers loupe provides the best magnification to depth of field ratio and is the most popular power for a handheld magnifier. The housing and cover have a matte black finish for gem grading. Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association (BelOMA), makers of telescopes, camera lenses, and other optical components manufactures these loupes. Don't let this price fool you. The BelOMO loupe is a FANTASTIC buy. These are optical quality lenses, each one inspected and certified just like a camera lens, that stand on their own against the higher priced competition. BelOMO loupes are assembled using screws rather than rivets which allows them to be adjusted but look for a merchant that treats the screws against working loose. Don't be fooled by cheap loupes selling for nearly the same price of MORE! Many don't even say the manufacturer. Why? Because they're cheap imports from China, Japan, Taiwan which typically cost less than a dollar at import. If you don't know the manufacturer how can you know the quality? Triplet means three lenses made of different types of optical glass bonded together and designed that, together, they straighten out the light that comes into the front of the loupe lens so that it's the same when it leaves. Cheap import triplets are just three identical pieces of glass, not bonded, or even a single piece of glass that distort the image and don't provide the stated magnification. 18 month warranty on BelOMO magnifiers sold by authorized US merchants.

EAN: 0884343383378

Package Dimensions: 2.2 x 2.1 x 1.8 inches

Binding: Electronics