Automatic Watering System, 2020 Upgrade Solar Garden Automatic Watering Device Outdoor Plants Self Drip Irrigation Solar Energy Charging Timer System Potted Plant Drip Irrigation for Potted Plants
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Product Description

Brand: FlyCloud


  • Flexible - This computer allows you to set the watering frequency and duration required. Watering time: 999 sec, frequency can be in seconds, minutes, hours, or days setting. Use a silent motor to work more quietly. Made of engineering plastic ABS, PEEK, silicone, the watering timer is wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, sun-proof, anti-aging, durable and has long service life.
  • Ease of use - water timer with a rotatable joint for quick connection, without having to install any tools. Built-in smart chip, power-off data is not lost. Strong rain resistance, low power consumption, long battery life, support for energy-saving standby.
  • Ideal for water area, lawn, garden, flower pots, hanging baskets, patio irrigation, roof garden, watering, etc. to the holiday with. 10m special garden irrigation water pipe, material upgrade, sun protection and anti-freeze, special garden irrigation water pipe, aging resistance, no hardening, no discoloration. on time. Use less water than traditional spray & drip heads, by spot watering only exactly where needed.
  • Solar Power: solar power generation using solar panel design timer, can absorb solar energy as a power source, energy saving and environmental protection, the rechargeable battery may be fully charged. Rain proof, low power consumption, more energy saving standby.
  • Digital Watering Timer: The intelligent digital controller can not only contribute to the effective use of irrigation water, but also improve the efficiency of automatic watering. In addition, it can help you reduce labor costs and has a large battery indicator. LCD display irrigation status and standard time / date.

Details: Features: Built-in lithium battery, solar and UBS dual-mode charging Rainproof, sun-proof, drop-proof, low-consumption and energy-saving, long standby time of 60 days. Silent pure copper motor, quiet and environmentally friendly. Double pump water supply, can be switched to single pump, can adjust the output water size to meet the needs of different flowers. Food silicone irrigation 4/7 water pipe, anti-aging, temperature-resistant, odorless, sun-proof and corrosion-resistant. With "hour" mode: watering time 0-9999s, cycle time 1-999h In the "day" mode: watering time 0-9999s, three groups of watering time can be set arbitrarily every day. Specification: Motor power: 5W Battery voltage: 3.7V Battery capacity: 1200 mAh Input voltage: 4.2V-5V Interface type: micro UBS Pump flow: 850ml/min Waterproof grade: PI67 rainproof Built-in 16850 lithium battery rechargeable battery Packing size: 8×15×25 cm Battery panel size: 12.7*8.7*1.0cm Installation Method: 1. Cut the water pipe to the required length 2. Insert the filter head at the end of the inlet pipe 3. Insert the filter drain container at the end of the inlet pipe 4. Connect the three links at the water outlet 5. Insert the inlet and outlet pipes into the controller 6. Connect solar panels 7. The dripper can adjust the water output according to the pot condition 8. Insert the ground dropper into the way Package List: 10 x Adjustable Nozzle  10 x Ground Insertion  10 x Positive Tee  1 x 4/7 Pipe 10 m  1 x Solar Panel  1 x USB Data Charging Cable  2 x Filter  1 x Watering Timer

EAN: 0783710197115

Package Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches