Automatic Solar Watering Plant Timer Automatic Drip Irrigation Dual Pump Atomizing Cooling water Kit Home Garden Plant Self Watering System Solar
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Product Description



  • Dual pump management system: The dual pumps can be timed independently, so that different plants have different watering frequency and watering volume.
  • New timing system: watering at any time within 24 hours, simple operation,Built-in water pump, 5M head
  • Watering in manual mode: water can be added manually at the touch of a button, independent of the automatic mode, ie stop when added.
  • Rainproof design,Built-in water pump can draw water from the container to avoid the risk of water leakage.
  • Ground dropper,Solar charging: permanent battery life

Details: Description: Double-pump watering, expand the number of potted plants, increase the number of water containers, solve the problem of uneven water output from plants dropping arrows at different heights, and plant water pipes in different areas are better connected , One pump can be used for atomizing and cooling, and the other pump can be used for watering. Stainless steel mesh filter, super large surface area, anti-blocking, no cleaning, high pass rate, without affecting the efficiency of water intake, can be opened to put heavy objects, so that the filter sinks to the bottom.   Product parameters: Motor power: 3W Battery voltage: 3.7V Battery capacity: 1200 mAh Input voltage: 4.2-6V Interface type: MICRO USB Pump flow: 850ML / min Water pipe length: 20M   Easy installation method: 1. Cut out the inlet and outlet pipes according to the required length 2. Connect the inlet and outlet pipes to the machine interface 3. Insert the filter tip into the water container at the end of the water inlet pipe 4. The outlet pipe is shunted with a tee joint as required   Package includes: 2 * Built-in water pump 1 * 20M water pipe 20 * Three-way tap 2 * ground plug 2 * filter 1 * Solar charging board        

EAN: 0738635610713