Aritech 10050205 60401005 Lithonia ENB-06006 ENB06006 Prescolite 6v 1000mAh Ni-CD Battery Pack Replacement for Exit Sign Emergency Light Sharp 51500RS CE140P E82082100
$23.49 $34.99
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Product Description

Brand: Battery Hawk


  • Exit / Emergency Light Battery Replacement
  • Fast Shipping 1-3 Days
  • Correct Wire Connector
  • Proper Discharge Rate

Details: This rechargeable nickel cadmium battery is specifically designed for Exit / Emergency Lights. 8 " of wire length, Proper Wire Connector, Correct Polarity. FAST SHIPPING. (1 - 3 days) Product Features: Voltage: 6 Volt Capacity: 1000 mAh Battery Chemistry: NiCad Part Number: XPP1PBH6100 Exit Sign Emergency Light Battery Fire Exit Sign, Fire Exit Light, NiCD, Ni CD 6v 6 v 400 mah 600 mah AH 0.8AH 0.8 800 700Mah 700 1AH 1 1.0 1.0AH .7AH .7 .6 .6AH This battery works for the following models: Aritech 10050205 Aritech 60401005 Aritech DU140 Aritech DU264 DC BATTERY 1686 GE 60401005 GE 60410C5 Interstate Batteries NIC0099 Exell EBE-30 EBE30 Lithonia ENB-06006 ENB06006 Prescolite Prescolite E82082100 Prescolite E1875-01-00 E18750100 Sanyo 100502SE Schlumberger VISUAL READER Schlumberger UNIGUN Schlumberger TU89 Sharp CE140P Sharp 51500RS Dantona Custom-30 Custom30

EAN: 0654152035610

Binding: Electronics