ARHIKY 38 Sheets Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts 12"x10" Iron On Vinyl HTV Bundle, 1Teflon Sheet, 30 Assorted Colors Vinyl…
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Product Description


Color: Mixed color


  • Rich and Colorful Color: incomparable color combination,1Teflon sheet included,easy to solve the problem of choosing difficulty. Customize your unique pattern with unique colors. It can be used to design your canvas shoes, T-shirts, bags, coats and handbags. You are the most special person in the crowd!
  • High-quality Vinyl: After repeated tests, our products have high elasticity, for repeated cleaning will maintain a higher quality, will not easily shed color, for the production of fine projects have more advantages.
  • Simple and Easy Weeding: Setting parameters according to the instructions (or adjusting the performance of each machine differently) for cutting and weeding will be more conducive to your project completion. Our vinyl backing is sensitive to pressure and temperature, and it is easier to peel off once the design is transferred to the desired surface.
  • Safe and Durable Vinyl: Our vinyl is made of high quality environmental friendly polyurethane, with elasticity and softness. Compared with other brands, this material is very thin, easy to operate, environmentally friendly, safe to wear, very suitable for decorating children's clothing and accessories, so that your family and children are safe, fashionable, chemical-free.
  • Universal Vinyl: Whether you use a dedicated hot press or a household iron, you can make your project. Note that if you don't have too much production experience, try to do a small part of the experiment to prevent waste of vinyl.

Details: Application Instruction
1.Choose your desired design , Cut with the gloss side facing DOWN and the duller back of the vinyl facing up
2.Cut it onto the vinyl sheet with a craft cutter.

*Settings may vary based on blade condition and age of machine.

3. Weed out the excess
4. Heat and Transfer
Place the sheet with your design on to your shirt and then put Teflon on the vinyl

Home Iron:
-Please Heat the iron on medium setting (302°F- 320°F);
-Press each section of the design with medium/firm pressure for 10-15 seconds;
Heat Press:
-Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds;
-Apply design at 305℉;
-Use medium pressure for 10-15 seconds;

5.Cool Peel
Peeling the clear pet film after the vinyl turns cold, just in 15-30 seconds later for the vinyl to cool down.
*If any part of the iron on vinyl lifts off, repeat the steps above until you can peel off the clear backing without lifting up the vinyl.

Warm Tips
1.Make sure there are no wrinkles on the material.
2.If you are having trouble, try turning the shirt 90 degrees and pressing again, this should eliminate problems from cold spots.
3.If you've already ruined one shirt, keep using it to experiment. Cut small pieces of heat transfer and try raising or lowering your temperature, or pressing longer or for less time.

Do not use nylon,velvet,acrylic fabrics,leather,vinyl which will melt and ruin the material.We recommend you to perform a test prior.We recommend using on COTTON, POLYESTER, COTTON/POLYESTER BLENDS, LYCRA fabric for best performance. Hand wash your fabric gently with mild detergent. Wait 24 hours after application to wash. Turn the article of clothing inside before you wash it. No bleach.

NOTE: Actual color of heat transfer vinyl may vary slightly due to differences in monitor display.

EAN: 7645974571540

Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 12.0 x 0.3 inches

Binding: Office Product