Ancestor Money Credit Card, 160 Piece Joss Paper Ancestor Money, Ancestor Money to Burn, Strengthen Connection with Your Ancestor Bring Good Fortune. (Yellow)
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Product Description

Brand: YNK.LWF

Color: Yellow


  • 【Joss Paper Ancestor Money】Ancestor Money credit card used in another world heaven bank. Burn more Joss paper for your ancestors Let ancestors realize wealth freedom, which is s also a way to miss them and a tribute to the dead
  • 【Ancestor Money to Burn】This is a traditional custom of all the Chinese and with this way, they will be able to bless all the relatives and friends with peace. And they believe their ancestors will receive the money and also bless them with health and wealth
  • 【Ancestor Money with Credit Card】We are providing fake US dollars and US credit card that looks like real in English not Chinese. So it is more acceptable and respectable to the American people.
  • 【Ancestor money and credit card】 can be used for funerals, birthdays of ancestors, and festivals such as Ching Ming Festival and Hungry Ghost Festival. Chinese burn this ancestral money and paper things to express our miss and respect for the dead.
  • 【Size and Quantity】 Each one is well printed with the same quality and easy to burn completely. The package includes 160pcs ancestor money and 4 credit card. Write the name of your ancestor on the credit card so they will be delivered

Details: 1,Burning ancestors' money strengthens the connection with ancestors and brings good luck. The happy ancestor took the lead in realizing the freedom of wealth before he could have the energy to bless his descendants to be healthy, safe and wealthy. 2,Everyone will let you know that meditating on your ancestors in front of the altar is a remembrance and prayer, which allows your spirit to enter the world of your ancestors. Burning more ancestor money and credit cards placed on the altar will allow you to enter the state faster and give money to your ancestors! 3,Ancestor money is a kind of hell banknote, widely used in funerals, ancestor anniversary, hungry ghost festival, Qingming festival and every moment you miss your ancestors. 4,Our ancestors' money was copy dollars, which is different from traditional Chinese joss paper. This is more acceptable and respectable for American ancestors. 5,The imitation credit cards and imitation gold ingots manufactured by YNK.LWF can send huge wealth to your ancestors!

EAN: 0717461875831

Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 4.6 x 0.7 inches

Binding: Office Product