Amazon Business Line of Credit

Amazon Business Line of Credit

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Product Description

Brand: Synchrony Bank


The Corporate Pay-in-Full Credit Line is ideal for large business like libraries, schools, and government institutions that want expanded account management options including the ability to: authorize multiple buyers on a single account, download order history reports, and pay by invoice.

Pay-in-Full Credit Line Features
Overall - Minimum of 55 days to pay invoices
- No annual fee and no interest
- Consolidated, easy to read, monthly statement including invoice, purchase order, and SKU level detail
- Account management flexibility: Set-up accounts for different departments, locations, and other companies belonging to the same parent and receive separate invoice level detailed statements
Purchasing Features - Purchasing control: Can only be used at
- Authorize multiple buyers on a single account through Amazon Business US
Statements & Billing - Individual or consolidated statements for all accounts linked to your company
- Ability to have statements sent to multiple locations
- Itemized transactions and product-level details for each invoice on statements
- Track purchases by purchase order
Customer Service - Access to a dedicated account manager to service your account
- Online account management
- Electronic Invoicing available to feed directly into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
Small-to-medium-size businesses that want convenient credit on and the flexibility to make minimum monthly payments may prefer the Corporate Revolving Credit Line. Learn more

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