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Product Description

Brand: Ergo Impact

Color: Black


  • Fatigue Free Standing Comfort: Standing workspaces have numerous benefits. However, standing for long periods of time can cause fatigue in our feet, knees, and lower back. Eliminate the cumulative effects of tension and fatigue while getting all of the advantages of standing. Our ergonomic mat eases the impact of prolonged standing with our proprietary ActiveFlex foam technology giving the perfect blend of support and comfort all day long.
  • Improve Posture & Reduce Pain: Experience all the benefits of stronger posture through active standing in your home or office – without the nagging discomfort that can come with all day standing. The ActivSoft Standing Mat gives you the best of both worlds by combining comfort with tactile feedback to your postural muscles which encourages weight shifts correctly through your legs and hips. Don’t compromise comfort with cheap desk mats - treat yourself to the powerful support of ActivSoft.
  • Rugged Durability: Standing on cheap mats or unsupported surfaces can make minutes seem like hours – ActivSoft Standing Mat will make the time fly by keeping you focused on your work not annoying foot pain from long periods of standing. ErgoMat was tested extensively under 1000s of hours of simulated work conditions to ensure a premium home/office desk pad. Our high quality are compact to fit any tight space and come with a 2 year guarantee.
  • Ideal for Standing Workstations: ActivSoft Standing Mat is perfectly suited to fit a wide array of stand up office/home desk configurations. Whether you just have a tall desk setup for standing computer tasks or a more elaborate standing desk chair system; ActivSoft Standing Mat is up to the job.
  • Safe & Ecofriendly: Safety is our highest priority which is why we designed our ergonomic anti-fatigue mat to be anti-slip and phthalate-free.

Details: Make standing more fun. Combining comfort with tactile feedback to your postural muscles which encourages weight shifts correctly through your legs and hips. A high quality unit which is compact enough to fit any tight space and a 3 year manufacturer's guarantee. Feels much better than the larger competitor models. You will enjoy this one. Won't slip away. Anti-slip grip on the back of the mat ensures it stays in place in any standing position. ActivSoft Standing Mat is also 100% Prop 65 compliant. All edges are smooth with an anti-trip curvature to further minimize the risk of accidental injury. We also use a proprietary anti-slip grip on the backside of the mat to ensure it stays in place in any standing position. Even after 100’s of hours of continuous use, you can have peace of mind in knowing the ActivSoft Standing Mat will be as safe as the day you first stepped foot on it.

Package Dimensions: 27.1 x 22.9 x 4.0 inches