Accessories Bundle for Oculus Quest 2, Including Silicone VR Face Cover & Touch Controller Grip Cover & Lens Dust Cover & 6 Controller Thumbstick Grip Caps - Cyburthur Stores - CONNYAM
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Product Description



  • ➤ This Pcak Contains: 1x Silicone Face Cover, 1x Lens Dust Pad, 2x Controller Grip Silicone Cover, 6x Thumbstick Caps.
  • ➤ Enhance View: Face cover unlike other heavy face covers, our design VR face cover is measured only 0.77mm in thickness that you can be closer to the display, providing a wider field of view and tighter connection. Also, the nose pad prevents light from entering the VR glasses and light leakage during use.
  • ➤ Comfortable Controller Grip Cover: Grip cover is made of eco-friendly premium silicone which is non-slip, durable. The texture of the protective shell increases friction, improves grip, and wicks sweat; Wrist strap of the controller can pass through the reserved hole at the bottom, and the wrist strap can be tied to the hand during the game, which perfectly protects the controller.
  • ➤ Unique Thumbstick Caps: Soft and Comfortable, the high quality silicone materials make it softly and touched feeling better; Fit in perfectly, compact with the joystick after install. Protection for your joystick, prevent from scratches, bumps, dirty or other damage, adds flavor and vitality into your gamer, make your controller more attractive.
  • ➤ Buy With Confidence: We have strict quality control system, our products are put into the market after rigorous testing. Quality is not the prolem. We remove all risk. Our total satisfaction promise covers all our products. So choose with confidence and look forward to a lifetime of pleasure.

Details: Accessories Bundle for Oculus Quest 2, Including Silicone VR Face Cover & Touch Controller Grip Cover & Lens Dust Cover & 6 Controller Thumbstick Grip Caps ➤ VR Lens Cover Material is soft and comfortable that won’t scratch the lenses, protects the lenses from scratches, sunlight and dust when not in use. ➤ The Face Cover Pad Replacement Made of premium silicone keeps your VR clean and sweat-proof, let you enjoy VR from the most comfortable and with a better. ➤ Touch Controller Grip Cover a.Non-slip The special texture of the VR controller grip cover is awesome in-hand and give much better grip than the naked controllers. b.Reserved Hole for Indicator The hole position of the indicator light is reserved so that the operating status of the touch controller can be clearly identified. c.Soft Silicone Button Cover for Controller Six thumb stick grip caps made by soft silicone, featuring anti-slip and soft comfortable touch prevent your fingers from slipping and provde more accuracy and sensitivity when you play video games. ➤ Package Contents: » 1 x Lens Dust Pad » 1 x Silicone Face Cover » 2 x Controller Grip Silicone Covers » 6 x Thumbstick Controller Grip Caps ❤️ Warranty & After-Sale Services: » 12-month warranty and unconditional refund or replacement included. » Please buy with confidence and don't hesitate to contact us if having any questions, we'll get back you within 12 hours.

Package Dimensions: 10.1 x 8.6 x 3.7 inches