4 Panel Room Divider Wood Mesh Woven Design Privacy Folding Screen - Portable Folding partition Screen Wall Dividers with Double-Weaved Hinges for Home Office Bedroom Black - Cyburthur Stores - Payhere
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Product Description

Brand: Payhere

Color: Black


  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE】:Our room divider is lightweight but not thin,it is easy to move and easy to fold,so it is effortless to store.The privacy screen has two sturdy hinged connections that greatly increase its useful life.In addition,the folding screen partition is flexible and easy to adjust,suitable for a variety of scenes.Room divider privacy screen partition.
  • 【PROVIDE PRIVATE SPACE】:The room divider will give you a perfect private space, which can be used to divide the various areas of your home so that you can do anything with peace of mind and freedom.Folding screens are good choices for video calls, important meetings that you don't want to be disturbed, and ideal for creating sleep or learning spaces.Room divider partition privacy screen.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL HAND MADE】:The room dividers are handmade and woven tightly,but there may be some small flaws.The raw materials used in the privacy screen are taken directly from the pine trees.The rattan products are specially processed and contain no harmful substances,giving you an absolutely safe and natural experience.Partition room divider privacy screen.
  • 【USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN】:The partition is beautifully designed to give a sense of elegance. The folding screen is also high enough to easily create an interior space while filtering from the outside to provide an elegant atmosphere. In addition, the room divider can also act as a room decoration, sheltering debris, giving a quiet and clean space.Privacy screen partition room divider.
  • 【NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED】:Our room screen partitions can be used without installation. Item Weight: 15.4 lbs. Single screen divider size per 6 feet high: 71 inches (height) * 18 inches (width), unfolded size: 71 inches (height) * 70. 5" (W).If you have any questions about our products,Please contact us and we will give you the most satisfactory answer.Privacy screen room divider partition.

Details: Our Room Screen dividers make your home into several distinct spaces, sitting room , office and dining room and You also can use our room divider to hide the pets potty area. 🚀 Delivery Time: 3-5 days ➤Our Guarantee ➊ We are fast delivery and guarantee that our customers receive our products within 3-5 days.  ➋ If item was damaged during transportation, please contact us! we will sent replacement parts free of charge in few days. ➤Simple and durable activity folder Each screen is connected by two hinges. The solid and durable hinges greatly improve the service life of the room screen. ➤Easy to move and place Our product does not need to be installed. It can be used without packaging. Of course, the most convenient thing is that it can be easily put away. When you do not use it, it can be folded up and placed in the warehouse or near the wall. ➤Safety and Environmental Protection The raw materials used in our room dividers are directly intercepted from pine, and the rattan parts are specially processed without any harmful substances. ➤Pure hand-made The whole screen is hand-woven by workers, there may be some minor defects, but this is the most natural existence. FEATURES: ✔Room dividers are lightweight and easy to fold back or move to other place. ✔The size of our room divider is designed according to the height of most people. ✔Room divider screens can help you to make your room into several distinct spaces. ✔The simple design make our room dividers look more beautiful and comfortable. SPECIFICATIONS: Materials:Wood Frame Mental hinges Size:71.64*18.5*3.94inches  Weights:11.8/15.4pounds