3D Pen Mat,3D Printing Pen Silicone Design Mat with Multi Basic Templates,3D Printing Pen Mat Silicone Basic Template with 2 Finger Protectors.
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  • 【3D pen template (3D pen mat) with different patterns】 With the 3D pen template larger silicone mat ,you can create not only simple patterns and lines, but also animal patterns such as elephants, rabbits, cats, Bears, Cars and Ferris Wheels. Best 3D pen template 3D printing pen silicone design mat is especially helpful for beginners, kids, and 3D pen artists!
  • 【3D printing pen template Suitable for all 3D pens / 3D filaments】 The 3D printing pen template with improved cut-out makes it easier to insert the 3D pen nozzle into the interior. The 3D pen mat has a suitable thickness so that most 3D pens / 3D- Pen filaments with 1.75 mm fit well. It won't shift or move even during the most delicate 3D pen work. The 3D printer pen template lines cut into the mat are great for keeping things straight.
  • 【3D printing pen template table protector】 The 3D printing pen template mat is made of environmentally friendly silicone and can be used to protect the table top. The high temperature resistance of this product is 220-260 ℃. The thickness of the 3D printing pen template mat is 3 mm. The 3D printing pen template mat can prevent the table from melting with a 3D pen.
  • 【3D printing pen template Additional gifts】 3D pen silicone mat (3D printing pen template) with 2 finger caps. The finger caps help shape and are useful when you need to remove some stubborn filament from the very hot tip of the pen.
  • 【3D Pen Mat 】 After receiving the goods, you have any questions, contact us, we will solve for you of the best.3D Pen Mat,3D Printing Pen Mat Silicone Basic Template with 2 Finger Protectors, 3D Pen Drawing Tool.

Details: You can use a 3D printing pen to fill in the material on the silicone mat 3D pen template used. If you need to fill in the animal pattern, put a pivot point along the edge and please fill it in along the pivot point.   To draw a three-dimensional pattern, you can fill two in the same animal pattern, then divide the two filled patterns by 1.5-2 cm, and then fill the space with the material. Precise markings and patterns can be combined into objects. Best 3D printing pen silicone design mat (3D pen template, 3D drawing templates) is especially helpful for beginners and children. Great item for any 3D pen artist!   3D pen template Product parameters: 3D pen template size: 17cm x 17cm Thickness: 3mm High temperature resistance: 220-260 ℃ Suitable filament: PLA / ABS ø 1.75 mm Accessories: 2 finger guards

EAN: 0765420930466

Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.8 x 0.4 inches

Binding: Office Product