2xhome Set of 2 Red Stackable Contemporary Modern Designer Wire Plastic Chairs with Arms Open Back Armchairs for Kitchen Dining Chair Outdoor Patio Bedroom Accent Balcony Office Work Garden Home - Cyburthur Stores - 2xhome
$304.49 $385.99
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Product Description

Brand: 2xhome

Color: Red


  • Set of 2 Dining Room Chairs
  • Great chair for dinning rooms, family rooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, porch or patio or any room of the house, indoors or outdoors
  • High quality 1-to-1 reproduction. Exact dyed polypropylene, size and weight
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use. Chairs are stackable for easy storage
  • Dimensions: see photos

Details: Standing on four slim legs, the chair is roomy and comfortable. The back of the chair is characterized by fullness and empty spaces created by curvaceous crisscrossing lines of three different backs which descend and merge into the edge of the seat.