139 Keys Set XDA Profile Custom Keycaps PBT Dye Sublimation ANSI Layout Keycaps Set for Gateron Kailh Cherry MX Switches Mechanical Gaming Keyboards (Bubble) - Cyburthur Stores - UniCusMech
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Product Description

Brand: UniCusMech


  • 【KEYCAPS ONLY】 - Only keycaps, keyboard is not included. This set of keycaps is NON-BACKLIGHT.
  • 【139 KEYS SET】 - Basic Kit 104 Keys + Supplement Kit 22 Keys + Extra Novelty Kit 13 Keys.
  • 【ANSI Layout Compatible】- Fits most Branded or Customized 61/64/68/71/78/84/87/96/98/104/108 keys ANSI mechanical keyboard on the market. Compatible with DURGOD, GANSS, Leopold, Filco, IKBC, NOPPO, Razer, Corsair, Cherry, MINILA, etc.
  • 【XDA PROFILE】 - Ergonomics design for long time use without fatigue at work or in-game. This set of keycaps is XDA profile with bubble theme. Compared with DSA profile, XDA has larger area of the top cap, which will improve your hand feeling.
  • 【PBT & DYE SUBLIMATION】 - These keycaps are made of durable and anti-grease PBT material. Compared with ABS, PBT has better high hardness, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Dye Sublimation makes the font of keycaps clear and non-fade.
  • 【A DECENT GIFT】 - For esports enthusiast, white-collar worker, student, anyone who wants to decorate your keyboard. This set of keycaps will be a perfect gift for you to make your keyboard dynamic or comfortable.

Details: 【139 KEYS SET】 Basic Kit 104 Keys + Supplement Kit 22 Keys + Extra Novelty Kit 13 Keys. Supplement Kit 22 Keys Including:  15*1u Keys (CTRL*1, ALT*1, SHIFT*1, FN*1, MENU*1, WIN*1, 0*1, ESC*1, F*1, J*1, 5*1,↑*1,↓*1,←*1,→*1), 2*1.5u Keys (ALT*1, CTRL*1), 1*1.75u Keys (SHIFT*1), 1*1.75u CapsLock key for Cherry, 2*2u key(SHIFT*1,ENTER*1), 1*2.25u key(ENTER*1). Extra Novelty Kit 13 Keys Including: 9*1u Keys, 2*1.25u Keys, 1*2u Key,1*6.25u Key.   Compatibility: 100% compatible with Gateron, Kailh, Cherry MX Switches Mechanical Keyboards. 100% compatible with US ANSI layout keyboards such as Cherry, Filco, Leopold, etc. Not 100% Compatible with some Corsair, Razer, Cyrus, Logitech and other keyboards. Please make sure your keyboard is compatible before placing an order.     About XDA Profile: XDA has larger area of ​​the top cap, which can avoid touching margin of the cap and improve your hand feeling. The height of each keycap of the XDA profile is equal. Compared to Cherry, SA, OEM profile, it will be a completely different experience, and it's worth a try. Height: The height of each row of keycaps is 9mm. Thickness: 1.5mm per keycap.   About the Sublimation Printing: Compared with other printing technologies, this technology has obvious advantages: fine patterns, rich and clear layers, high artistic quality, and strong three-dimensional impression, which is not possible with general printing methods. And can print photography and painting style patterns. Make the color of the characters and patterns of the keycaps bright and clear, not easy to wear, not to lose characters, and not to fade.

Package Dimensions: 14.6 x 6.1 x 1.1 inches

Binding: Personal Computers