12 Pcs Rug Gripper, Non Slip Rug Grippers for Hardwood Floors and Tiles Floors, Reusable and Washable Rug Tape for Area Rugs and Carpets (Black) - Cyburthur Stores - Rabenda
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Product Description

Brand: Rabenda

Color: Black


  • ◢ 【Advantaged Triangle Design】 The Triangle Design rug grippers for area rugs and hardwood floors will maximum increase the contact surface. The strong adhesion will help stick firmly and keep your area rugs or carpets in place. Moreover, the rug gripper will prevent the rug corners and edges curling and always offer you steady and safe area rugs.
  • ◢ 【Thin and Hidden】 The rug tape for area rug on hardwood floor is as thin as 2 mm only. They are easily hidden and will not affect the flat appearance of your area rugs.
  • ◢ 【Washable and Reusable】 The rug gripper is easily removed and no residues will be left. It could be washed by hand or by machine. After the rug gripper become dry, you would reuse it again like new. Note: If the backing of your area rug has fluff or fiber, it is not suggested to remove the rug gripper from your area rug to wash. Just clean or wash the rug gripper on the rug.
  • ◢ 【Easy Installation】 The non slip rug gripper is with dual-side stickers, separately in white and clear color. First, peel off the white sticker and stick the rug gripper on the bottom of your area rug or carpet. Second, peel off the clear film and stick the rug gripper on the floor. Third, press hard to make sure they stick firmly. Note: Must keep the contact surface of the rug and floor clean before sticking!
  • ◢ 【Wide Application】 The rug gripper works well with hardwood floor, tiles floor, concrete floor and marble floor. NOTE: 1. It is not recommended to use on the area rug with FLUFF or JUTE backing, as the rug gripper is very sticky and may remove the fluff, and jute backing is not friendly with rug grippers. 2. It is not recommended to use on CARPET over CARPET 3. It is not recommended to use on the area rug with SILICONE or RUBBER backing.

Details: Rabenda non slip rug grippers used for hardwood floors, tiles floors are environmentally washable and reusable: 1. No more sliding To give your home steady care, no more sliding with Rabenda Rug Gripper. 2.Anti-curling The Rabenda Rug Gripper will prevent your carpets or area rugs curling and keeps them always tidy. 3. Washable and Reusable There will be no residues left when removing the Robenda Rugger Grippers. And they are easily cleaned with water by hand or by machine. 4.Environmental Raw Materials Made of non-toxic and odorless Polyurethane 5.How to use ● Clean the area rug bottom and floor surface where the grippers will stick. ● Peel off the white sticker, then stick the rug gripper on the area rug or carpet. ● Peel off the clear film, then stick the gripper on the floor. ● Press hard your area rugs or carpets to make sure the rug grippers are pasted firmly. 6. Wide Applications The rug grippers work well with hardwood floors, tiles floors, laminate floors, marble floors. They are excellent mates of your carpets and area rugs. 7. Important Notice Before using the rug grippers, must make sure the surfaces of area rugs and relevant floors are free of dust. Or, the rug tape will lose adhesion! 8. Package: 12pcs, Color: Black

Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 5.2 x 0.5 inches