10ft Split USB C Charger Cable for PS5 Dualsense | 3m LED Fast Charging Braided Nylon USB C to Dual USB C by Foamy Lizard for Xbox X/S, Elite 1/2, Playstation 5 & Others (C to Dual C Blue LED) - Cyburthur Stores - Foamy Lizard
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Product Description

Brand: Foamy Lizard



  • *NEW UPGRADED CABLE MARCH 2021* Extra long (10 feet / 3 meter) premium quality durable split cable (1 cable) for live gaming convenience, Order is for Single Cable ONLY controllers not included
  • Designed specifically for gaming controllers it allows up to 2 devices to be fast charged or powered simultaneously from a single USB port. Splitter is located approximately 5ft from beginning of the cable
  • High quality USB type C connectors snap in when plugged in to ensure a secure connection
  • Compatible with, but not limited to Playstation 5, Xbox Series X*, Series S*, Xbox Elite Series 1/2, Gaming controllers, Gaming Headsets and any device that requires a powered USB Type C charger. *PLEASE NOTE: Since XBox Series X/S do not have internal rechargeable batteries, this cable can only provide live power for them.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a single split charging cable, not 2 individual cables. You must use 5V/2A power source to provide charging current. Only designed for charging the controllers this will not support data transmission nor data connection.

Details: PLEASE NOTE: Since XBox Series X/S do not have internal rechargeable batteries, this cable can only provide power while plugged in as you play, it will not charge their AA batteries. Play on, and on, and on... Nothing ruins a match more than having to halt the action just so your controller can charge, and nothing is more annoying than using a short charging cable while trying to play. The Foamy Lizard 10 ft (3m) Dual Head USB C Power Cable is the perfect solution for those long nights when the gameplay is fierce and you can't afford to stop and charge or swap batteries. Save that coveted USB port for your headset, bluetooth adapter, cell phone etc. With multiple USB accessories to charge/power it seems that every USB port on todays consoles is extremely valuable. The Foamy Lizard Dual head power cable will double your capacity for each port without sacrificing power. The dual head cable makes it easy to share! With over 10 feet of cable length to the USB port and over 10 feet of cable length between you and a friend, you can both charge/power & play simultaneously with tons of space. Don't waste anymore of your time waiting to join the battle, get your Dual USB C Today!

Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 6.1 x 0.6 inches